July 7, 1999


Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota: The Oglala Lakota Oyate's WALK FOR JUSTICE coordinator Tom Poor Bear and others have established a "CAMP JUSTICE" on the Nebraska and South Dakota borders near Whiteclay Nebraska.

Whiteclay is an unincororated border town that hails a population of 22, yet generated $4,300,000 in liquor sales last year! This isolated hamlet offers 4 liquor stores and 2 grocery stores and relies hevily on the reservation to support it's liveihood. Because of it's desolate location, area Nebraskans have taken an "out of sight, out of mind" attitude towards Whiteclay. It is an eyesore and embarassment to the people of Nebraska and we would encourage them to call their governor, senator, congressmen to shut down these liquor stores! We demand that the United States of America honor our 1868 Treaty with the Great Sioux Nation and return the land called Whiteclay to the Oglala Lakota Oyate!

"CAMP JUSTICE" is a reminder to our Nation and the State of Nebraska that we as Oglala Lakota Oyate must not forget the brutal murders of Wally Black Elk, Ron Hard Heart AND others. There have been 64 unsolved murders on this reservation since 1973. "CAMP JUSTICE" will be here until JUSTICE is served! Everyone concerned is welcome to participate in our struggle for JUSTICE.

On Saturday, July 3, 1999, we marched to Whiteclay, NE only to be stopped by a police barricade. As so-called "citizens" of the United States, we believe that our constitutional rights have been violated! The Oglala Lakota Oyate is planning another WALK FOR JUSTICE on Saturday, July 10, 1999 starting at 10:00 AM. We will begin with a rally followed by a peaceful march INTO Whiteclay, NE.

WALK FOR JUSTICE will walk every Saturday until JUSTICE is served.