We, the Oglala Lakota people, living on the Pine Ridge Indian reservation, encourage Nebraska residents to join us for a peaceful gathering. The purpose of this Spiritual rally is to bring national media attention to the staggering number of UNSOLVED MURDERS that have taken place in and around Whiteclay, Nebraska.

The desolate, unincorporated hamlet of Whiteclay hails a population of just 22 residents, yet generates over $4,000,000.00 in annual liquor sales! Because of Whiteclay's isolated location and lack of funding for adequate law enforcement, UNDERAGE DRINKERS from South Dakota and from Nebraska find it easy to obtain alcohol there.

Our Nation's goal is to promote a healthy, alcohol and drug-free community for our children, AND FOR YOURS! As our neighbors, we are asking that you unite with us to cease liqour sales and end violence in Whiteclay.


DATE: JULY 3, 1999 TIME: 10:00 A.M. PLACE: Billy Mills Hall, Pine Ridge Village

The "WALK FOR JUSTICE" will begin with opening prayers followed by a PEACEFUL walk to Whiteclay.

The organizers of this rally are insuring that there will be security to maintain peace. WE DO NOT CONDONE VIOLENCE OR CRIMINAL MISCONDUCT!